About Us

The mention of Country Catering, Meat Market, and Deli will bring a smile to anyone?s lips?whether you have indulged in our catering at an event or come into the deli for lunch, you know that you can always count on us for a positive experience. Our approach is a unique one: we are family, and we welcome you to become a part of our family too.

The Gully family moved here in 1973 from Milwaukee, finding the Country Meat Market to be their neighborhood source for purchasing sides of beef. Goleta became their home, thus instilling their love of good people and quality food. Steve Gully?s career at the Country Meat Market began in 1988 when hired by Frank Serbus. The business changed hands one time in 2000 before Steve took the Country Meat Market under his wing in 2004. Steve transformed the business into the Country Catering, Meat Market, & Deli that it is today by creating a welcoming environment, promoting passion for high caliber cuisine, and employing dedicated staff--combine that with our involvement in the community, and making genuine contact with the people we are serving.

Contributing to and engaging with this community is of the utmost importance, making the Country Catering, Meat Market, and Deli a staple in Santa Barbaran?s lives. The same goes for our products: we purchase locally and organically whenever possible.

Our food not only fills your plate, it nourishes the soul.