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PlanMember Financial Corporation


Financial & Investment Services

About Us

PlanMember Financial Corporation is a financial services firm that provides retirement plan sponsors and participants with unparalleled service and a diverse platform of investment and annuity solutions. PlanMember is committed to helping meet the retirement needs of individual investors and employer groups nationwide.
Company Profile:
-Headquartered in Carpinteria, CA with more han 155 corporate employees
-Broker/Dealer, Registered Investment Advisor and insurance licensed in all 50 states
-Nearly 500 representatives and 31 regionally-based Financial Center locations
-Offers the PlanMember Program, a fully integrated retirement planning, investment and annuity solution to help individuals achieve a financially secure retirement
-Four operating subsidiaries: PlanMember Securities CorporationTM, PlanMember Services Corporation TM, PSC Insurance Marketing Corporation TM, PlanMember Asset Management Corporation TM
-More than 195,000 member accouts and over $11 billion in broker/dealer assets
-PlanMember Educational Services provides financial education via study hall subject meetings, workshops and online Retirement Academy

''Through our Partnership for Success Program, PlanMember offers employer group and plan participatnts state-of-the-art retirement investments through a national network of regionally-based Financial Centers and trusted financial professionals.''
-Jon Ziehl, President, CEO and Company Founder

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