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About Us

We are a Full Service Travel Agency. River and Ocean Cruises, Land Tours, Resorts, Hotels and Excursions.

We have been traveling together as a family since our kids where very little. We started out like most families camping at the beach or the Mountain. As our children grew they wanted to do something different so we started taking them on Cruises. We fell in love with how easy and hassle free Cruising was, something for everyone to do.

The next part of our travel history became escorted tours. Our children are older and want to see more history and culture close up. So, escorted became a great way to do just that.

Now we have grandchildren and are starting on the journey of Muti Generational Travel We can't wait to share are love of Travel with our entire family.

A couple of years ago we had the opportunity to start our own Travel Agency with Dream Vacations. It seemed like such a great fit for our family since we had shared so many traveling memories together. SO, we jump in and have enjoyed the amazing ride and world of travel.

This is how our Mission Statement came to be:
We help you create Experiences, that turn into Memories which are shared with Family and Friends and last Generations.We help you create DREAM VACATIONS.