About Us

Ocean Breeze Farms is a thriving cut flower nursery located in beautiful Carpinteria, California. A family run business with many employees and operations in Carpinteria and Nipomo. Founded in 1973, Ocean Breeze established itself as one of the finest cut flower growers in the United States. Growing some of the most in demand varieties of flowers and competing with products from the world's flower growing regions, Ocean Breeze has helped define California floriculture for a diverse domestic market. Continuing to grow the profile of California grown products and ensuring that our customers have access to a tradition that goes back generations is the goal of Ocean Breeze Farms. That tradition is the consumption of locally grown product grown on California farms. Currently in production are Gerberas, Oriental Hybrid Lilies, Hydrangeas, and other seasonal items. We are not only looking to our past to define ourselves, we're continuing a commitment to the future of our industry in California.